Why You Should Consider Azazie for Bridesmaids Dresses

I honestly don’t have enough good things to say about Azazie. I decided to share this info after getting so many brides asking who I used for my bridesmaids dresses. The only downside is that it’s online only, but they make up for it by having FREE custom sizes available. I received so many compliments on the dresses and LOVED how they looked together.

The Main Reasons I Loved Azazie

Affordable Long Dresses

Long dresses you only wear once can be pretty expensive from bridal shops. At Azazie, long dresses prices start at $80 and the most expensive option topping out at $170. My girls dresses ranged from $109-$129. For long bridesmaids dress they all agreed they were affordable.

Tons of Styles to Choose From

There are over 200 styles to choose from for floor length dresses. I had 5 bridesmaids and picked 7 different dress styles for them to select from. I started with my maid of honor and let them each pick out the dress they wanted. I wanted to give them options because they each had such different body types and they were the ones who had to wear the dress not me.

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Over 64 Colors to Choose From

Originally I was thinking about having multiple colors for my bridesmaids dresses and this was the perfect way to compare colors side by side and make sure they all would look good together. This was also a great tool for figuring out what we wanted our wedding colors to be.

Guaranteed Color Matching

On the website it states you have to order within the same 24 hours to guarantee color match, but one of my bridesmaids didn’t and there was no difference in the dresses colors.

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Free Custom Sizing

Most of my bridesmaids ordered custom sizes since they couldn’t try it on and it was no extra cost compared to the standard sizes. A few had to get alterations after receiving the dress in the bust, but Azazie offered refunds after they submitted their alteration receipt.

Last but not least MINIMIZE STRESS

When planning a wedding things get overwhelming quickly no matter how organized you are because of how many decisions you have to make. Azazie saved me hours of looking for dresses on both bridal and non-bridal websites. Because let’s be honest letting your bridesmaids pick out there own dresses sounds great in theory but gets messy real quick. Or trying to buy dresses on Lulu to save money only to realize they don’t have one of your bridesmaids sizes available and starting the hunt all over again gets tiring.

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Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie Melody, Azazie Cora, Azazie Kailyn, Azazie Kristen, Azazie Paola