Megan Taylor Taylored Company Photographer

Hi there!

I’m Megan Taylor, the smily face behind the camera. I’m based in Des Moines, Iowa and love to serve others through photography. I have a real passion for bringing joy and confidence to others. It fills me up every time I get the chance to combine my favorite aspects of life and create for others. 

I’m very sentimental and value things that stand the test of time most: relationships being number one. I believe everyone deserves photos of the moments that are the most special to them, which is why I specialize in weddings, couples, and seniors.


I love working with others who want to laugh, be themselves and have a good time. It’s always a plus if you are not afraid to try new things with me.

I've always been drawn to the beauty and peace found throughout creation. Whether I'm enjoying a killer sunset or stopping to smell the flowers I never grow tired of it. You can count on me taking inspiration from nature during your photography session.

I want you to be comfortable and trust in me as your photographer. I take my job very seriously and each of my clients holds a special spot in my calendar and heart.

Megan Taylor Taylored Company Photographer

A few things I love

- My stud of a husband: Jon Taylor

- Our sassy German Shepard and feisty Lab

- Potatoes in all forms: especially french fries

- Watching the sunset

- Spending time in nature

- Quality time with family and friends

- Dairy free treats! #LatoseIntolerantLife

- Cleaning and organizing (I know, I’m weird)

- Finding all the deals when online shopping

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