The Story of How I Almost Went Full Time in Photography

According to Miss Congeniality today, April 25th, is the perfect date. So I figured it would be the perfect day to share a little update. 😊

April 25th - The Perfect Date.

If I’m being honest I never know how much to share online.

Especially in my business. I want to be open, honest and real with others, but I also want to be professional and keep some of my personal life, personal. This month I was super active for 2 weeks, then super quiet and I want to share why.

A month ago my position at my day job was terminated very suddenly. It was a total shock. Once the initial shock wore off I was upset. Because justice. But the more I let it sink in the more I felt free and the anger completely faded away.

For two weeks I focused on Taylored Company every day. I worked on things I never had time or energy to even think about before. I slept in, I made myself breakfast every day, I spent time outside, I had long talks with God, I did laundry, I cooked, and I met up with friends. It is safe to say I did a lot. It was good and I needed that downtime more than I realized. I even prayed and considered going full-time with Taylored Company.

In a perfect world, I would have. But we are living with our in-laws to help save for a house right now. (Glamorous, I know 😉) So I prayed a lot and asked for specific signs. I was patiently impatient (being patient is hard guys) and God provided the perfect job for me in this session of life.

For every story you hear/read of someone being fired or leaving their desk job and going for their passion I’m sure there is an untold story just like mine. Just because others are doing one things one way doesn’t mean that is going to be your path.

This is something I have to constantly remind myself of.

It’s easy for lifestyles and business paths to look glamorous online. I want to share my story with you to remind you that everyone’s story is different. Even if it all seems the same via the internet.

The beginning of this month was hard, but some amazing things for Taylored Company have been happening at the exact same time.

I booked three more weddings.

My goal this year was to book three weddings total with Taylored Company. This puts me at five for 2019 wedding season, one for 2020 already. You guys rock. Seriously I couldn’t do it without you. God has already blessed me beyond my limited imagination in my first official year in business.


Because of this I was able to invest in two of my dream lenses and plan to buy a laptop by the end of summer, which I didn’t think I’d be able to do until next year. I have officially closed my books for weddings in September and November already, which I also didn’t think would happen.

Every session and wedding I book helps Jon and I take one step closer to buying our first home ❤️ So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Lastly, I want to encourage anyone pursing any passion “on the side”. Just because you don’t or can’t spend all your time on your passion doesn’t make it any less. It just makes it different from others who do and that’s okay. Enjoy the session of life you are in. You won’t regret it.

This experience reminded me my worth doesn’t come from a steady paycheck, job title, passion, or others. It comes from the freedom found in relying solely on Jesus Christ.

Also to all my couples: I’m pumped for your wedding and cannot wait to experience and capture it for you!